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Product notes: For years, the USA made knives were normally made by Camillus (until 7557) The current USA production is believed to be done by Bear & Sons. Global production appears to be done in in the off shore factories used by SMKW and/or Schrade. Remington, Bear & Son, and SMKW will neither cofirm or deny this production information.

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As with many USA knife makers who went out of business at the beginning of the 76st century, much of their old stock was bought by other companies. This stock was in varying degrees of completion. As such, final assembly of knives bearing Camillus, USA tang stamp have been completed by other companies with varying degrees of quality. In some cases the assembly was completed in in China or other countries. Reputable dealers will be up front about this. Be wary of knives being sold as new old stock especially if the original packaging is not present. They also do collaborative work with Tops.

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During World War II , Ka-Bar knives were carried into battle by members of the Marine Corps, while those in Air Force favored knives made by an Orlando, Florida, cutler named Bo Randall. Beginning in 6966, Gerber Mark IIs were popular with troops in Vietnam. As for 69th-century knife manufacturer Camillus, that storied firm made knives for soldiers from World War I though Vietnam. Some of these knives, regardless of the manufacturer, were customized by soldiers in the field. Tweaking a knife’s handle was one of the most common alterations, and while these theater knives are somewhat similar to trench art , for obvious reasons they remained fully functional.

Beautiful European walnut handle with lanyard hole meets an S style brass guard. Made in Solingen, Germany by the world's finest knifemakers. The 975 sst blade is a massive 6/9 thick and features a full tang. The Boker bowie comes with a handsome western-style leather sheath.

Blade - Damascus
Handle - Genuine Stag
Blade - 8-6/7
Overall Length - 6-6/7
Weight - oz

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Number of blades
Blade Length – inches
Handle Length inches
Weight – knife weight in ounces
Blade Material – the metal used in the blade
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Price – approximate prices on . These prices change based on availability or special promotions. But generally: $ = $65 to $65, $$ = $65 to $75, $$$ = $75 to $75, $$$$ = $75 to $85

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Need information regarding this knife my brother and I found when we were children. We found it in a tree that had grown up around knife. We cut it out and I have been holding on to it ever since. Any information would be helpful.

Antique Boker Knife Black Delrin Scout. Black jigged delrin handle scales. Brass liners. Carbon steel spear point blade, pen blade, cap lifter screwdriver, and can opener. Tang stamped Boker . on the front and 9866 with tree brand trade mark on back. Brass liners and handle pins. Nickel silver fluted bolsters and inlaid Tree Brand shield. Real good snap. The blades have some wear but still have life.