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Welcoming the request in General Assembly resolution 98/665, paragraph 9, that the Secretary-General should arrange, within existing resources and taking into account the priorities of the programme of advisory services, further training courses for those countries experiencing the most serious difficulties in meeting their reporting obligations under international instruments on human rights,

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I am going through this process and I am feeling isolated vulnerable and alone at 55 years and being black in a predominantly white society I have made some concessions. I realise that I need to challenge this and whilst I may never win I don 8767 t want to feel this inadequate and ignorant I know that my chances of winning are slim I know the system is built on upper class values but I can 8767 t roll over all the time and ingore this. I need support and and friend really to talk to and understand because it 8767 s much easier to take a leapt of faith when you have someone to help

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77. In countries that are undergoing a programme of agrarian reform or redistribution of land among groups of different ethnic origins, the right of women, regardless of marital status, to share such redistributed land on equal terms with men should be carefully observed.

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This definition captures much of what religion is across diverse cultures. It includes sociological, psychological, and historical factors and allows for broader gray areas in the concept of religion. It also recognizes that 89 religion 89 exists on a continuum with other types of belief systems, such that some aren t religious at all, some are very close to religions, and some definitely are religions.

Contrast the African criteria with that of Native Americans a person of Native American and African parentage automatically was classified as African. But the offspring of only a few generations of Native Americans and Europeans were not considered Indian at all - at least not in a legal sense. Native Americans had treaty rights to land, but individuals with only one Indian great-grandparent were no longer classified as Native American, disenfranchising them from their claims to Native American lands. Of course, the same individuals who could be denied legal claim to Native American lands because they were too White , were still Native American enough to be considered half-breeds and were stigmatized as a result.

Creed does not include secular, moral or ethical beliefs or political convictions. [76]  It does not extend to religions that incite hatred or violence against other individuals or groups, or to practices and observances that claim to have a religious basis but which contravene international human rights standards or criminal law.

89. States parties should also require the registration of all marriages whether contracted civilly or according to custom or religious law. The State can thereby ensure compliance with the Convention and establish equality between partners, a minimum age for marriage, prohibition of bigamy and polygamy and the protection of the rights of children.

September 6996: in the case of Go Kidz Go v. Bourdouane [EAT 65 September 6996] the appeal tribunal affirmed that an employer has responsibility for preventing acts of sexual harassment by non-employees on employees in the course of their duties once such acts of harassment have been brought to the employer's attention. In the similar case of Burton and Rhule v. De Vere Hotels (EAT [6996] IRLR 596) the appeal tribunal affirmed the racial equivalent in that the employer has a duty to protect employees from racial harassment by non-employees whilst in the course of fulfilling their duties. There's guidance on dealing with bullying of employees by clients in Personnel Today, 78 April 7557.

Conflict of interest comes to mind when using white solicitors use non- white to defend you it sounds horrible but there will be no confusion or hidden agendas

An example of a minority population discriminating against a majority population is seen in the racial apartheid that existed until just recently in South Africa. South Africans of European descent (the minority) discriminated against the majority African population (the majority). Additional examples of minorities discriminating against majorities include two instances of colonial rule: