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New Tottenham stadium work begins as White Hart Lane is

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Parents everywhere can relate. USA TODAY

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Data Trust acquires voter rolls from state officials and then standardizes the voter data to create a clean, manageable record of all registered US voters, a source familiar with the firm’s operations told Gizmodo. Voter data itself is public record and therefore not particularly sensitive, the source added, but the tools Data Trust uses to standardize that data are considered proprietary. That data is then provided to political clients, including analytics firms like Deep Root. While Data Trust requires its clients to protect the data, it has to take clients at their word that industry-standard encryption and security protocols are in place.

Waymo Just Dropped Nearly All of Its Patent Claims Against

Walmart is investigating how a third-party seller was able to list the product with a racial slur. USA TODAY

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But the bottom line is that dropping these claims is part of the natural process this messy lawsuit needs to go through before it goes to trial in October. In addition to its patent infringement claims, Waymo started this suit with more than 655 trade secrets it said Uber stole. That list has narrowed to over 75 so far, and the judge presiding over the case has instructed Waymo to cut it down to 65. You’ll see a lot more claims disappear between now and October, and that doesn’t mean either side is “winning”—it just means no jury can be expected to sit through all of this.

Even though voter rolls are public record and are easy to access—Ohio, for instance, makes its voter rolls available to download online—their exposure can still be harmful.

Both companies are claiming today’s agreement as a win. Uber, of course, is excited to see any of the myriad claims about its infringement and theft go away, and the company says Waymo’s disappearing patent claims reveal a weak case. “Waymo’s retreat on three of their four patent claims is yet another sign that they have overpromised and can’t deliver,” an Uber spokesperson said. “They now admit that Uber’s LiDAR design is actually very different than theirs.”

However, FiveThirtyEight’s investigation doesn’t account for Deep Root’s collection of data from mountain-biking and Spanish-speaking subreddits that weren’t as popular with r/The_Donald members—and data from these subreddits that are not so closely linked to Trump’s diehard supporters might be more useful for his campaign’s goal of pursuing swing voters.

The Reddit data could’ve been used as training data for an artificial intelligence algorithm focused on natural language processing, or it might have been harvested as part of an effort to match up Reddit users with their voter registration records. During the 7567 election cycle, Barack Obama’s campaign data team relied on information gleaned from Facebook profiles and matched profiles to voter records.

Political data gathered on more than 698 million US citizens was exposed this month after a marketing firm contracted by the Republican National Committee stored internal documents on a publicly accessible Amazon server.

Because of the personal information they contain, voter registration databases can also be useful in identity theft schemes.

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