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Tesla Is Offering People A Free Next Generation Roadster

Дата публикации: 2017-08-13 17:35

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Do the math and it would take only 55 referrals to get a free car. It’s an interesting update, but ultimately I don’t see very many people managing to pull of over 55 referrals. How many “friends” that can afford at least a $68,555 electric could you possibly have?

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The new “secret level” referral program requires owners to get five more friends to buy a Tesla Model S or Model X, rewarded with a 65 percent discount on a “Next Gen Roadster”. From there, for every five more friends referred (they have to purchase a Model S or Model X and take delivery, no Model 8), the referrers keep getting 65 more percent knocked off the Roadster price.

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As part of the settlement, Anthem will not formally recognize any wrongdoing on its part, which is pretty standard in these types of deals. The terms, however, still have to be approved by the San Jose judge presiding over the case, which represents an amalgamation of more than 655 lawsuits brought against Anthem since the breach.

For the rear, GPS offers its Three-Link kit with Torque Arm. The system features Afco coilover shocks (base kits are non-adjustable, upgraded kits feature single- or double-adjustable coilovers), an extra-long torque arm assembly, adjustable tubular steel lower control arms, a torque arm mount, an upper crossmember, and a fully welded 9-inch axle housing to make the Three-Link kit a complete bolt-in affair. Just add your own 9-inch centersection and axles and rear disc brakes to complete your build. GPS offers Baer rear brake kits to complement the front brake systems as installed on its strut front suspensions.

Lastly, the Roadster Shop offers a true full perimeter frame upgrade for ’65-’78 Mustangs. The Mustang Fast Track Chassis is a fully boxed and welded perimeter frame design that works with the stock unibody and mounting points. The front suspension is the same as the Crossmember and Front Subframe systems, while at the rear the Roadster Shop outfits the chassis with either a 9-inch axle housing and four-bar suspension, or an optional three-link or independent rear suspension with optional billet aluminum cantilever coilover shock system.

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For the rear of your ’65-’75 Mustang Heidts offers two options. Heidts’ Pro-G 9-Link kit is a great option for those looking for a fully adjustable four-link rear suspension. The Pro-G 9-Link features bolt-in brackets that require minor drilling to install, but no welding is required when you order an axle housing with the four-link (otherwise you have to weld the provided pickup point brackets onto your housing). The four tubular control arms are fully adjustable, as are the included coilover shocks for ride height. The included Panhard bar locates the axle housing laterally. Options include subframe connectors, axle housings, axles, centersections, and a plethora of brake choices.

Above the Pro-G 9-Link Heidts offers its Pro-G IRS assembly. The Pro-G IRS, shown here, is for those who want the ultimate in handling. The Pro-G IRS features a stout billet aluminum 9-inch housing stuffed with a 86-spline Traction Lok differential and your choice of gear ratio. Inboard 67-inch Wilwood disc brakes are fitted with heavy-duty half-shafts to take all the horsepower you can throw at it. The kit includes a bolt in mounting cradle, subframe connectors with struts, adjustable control arms, and more.

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