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Kraftwerk review: Techno legends back in black (bodysuits

Anyway, I 8767 m getting off track I Sit On Acid not only assaults you right away with it 8767 s political incorrectness (singer Nikkie Van Lierop (Jade 9 U) not being shy about her sexual fetishes giving screams of orgasms throughout the song, with exclamations of 8775 I want to sit on your face 8776 ) but it 8767 s a perfect example of early acid house and what they used to call the New Beat. The song (and the album) was unique in that it crossed boundaries when it came to fans rock lovers were just as likely to like it as club-goers. The New Beat style didn 8767 t last, but this song does. LOA later went the industrial route, and the results were not as satisfying.

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I 8767 m trying to find the name of an old hardcore old sloop tune..all I can remember is the chorus with a woman 8767 s vocals singing 8775 I feel..something 8767 t get it right, just can 8767 t get it right 8767 I used to think it sounded like can 8767 t get the ride but I was then. Can anyone help??

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Great long weekend with wall to wall sunshine, except for Saturday night when the heavens opened. Good weekend of classic car racing with only minor incidents on the track. My personal favorite highlights were to see the Fiat Abarth cars as I myself used to race these in the late 6965& #589 s around Spa, Zandvoort and various other circuits.

DubTribe (aka DubTribe Sound System) usually do tribal house stuff, but this is their masterpiece a spaced out trance tune with a heartfelt message. I 8767 m no environmentalist but this song is enough to make you join Greenpeace. It 8767 s great hypnotic stuff. The remixes are really good also, with the Sunshine Mix throwing in nice piano riffs, a groovy bassline, and a reggae-sounding 8775 My land/mother earth/my land 8776 .

This one you were more likely to hear at a goth club (Barbarellas?) than a warehouse rave, but what the hell. Somebody once said it was like raving with sharp knives instead of glow sticks. That sounds about right Carl Orff 8767 s classic 8775 Carmina Burana 8776 is worked to advange in this bizarre little tune that was either loved or hated. I personally loved it. As soon as they released it the folks who own the rights to Orff 8767 s stuff (his family) weren 8767 t too happy. That 8767 s why the record is hard to find these days. (You might get lucky if you pick up the Radikal techno compilation CD, like I did).

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Inbetween days of showers we found a virtually shower free day for this show. It was well attended by hundreds of cars, unfortunately far too many modern cars. I think classic car shows must be for classic cars ONLY. In my view black number plate cars only. This year I took my 6976 Mercedes-Benz camper van. Nowadays you very seldom see these on the road. This year I put quite a few thousand miles on its clock so it is well used. We were parked between 6995& #589 s and even a 7558 car. Needless to say I will not be returning.

What better way to get people interested in you than offering to respond to questions they didn’t even know they needed the answers to? Curious Cat is simple: you send out a link to all and sundry that takes you to a page where anyone can ask you anything, anonymously if they wish. You answer the ones you like the sound of, and pretty soon they’ll be eating out of your hand. Rather like a cat would. Downside: nobody asks you anything because nobody cares, so you have to make the questions up, or you ask your crush a question, misjudge your “tone” and they take offence. Hey, it’s the internet – it’s easily done.

I 8767 m trying to remember a song my step father played for us when we were kids and we loved it. It repeated you in America, you In America now help!

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