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Well Sakura decided to let herself go one night after partying around Konoha. I have here the footage for your interactive pleasure. Treat Sakura-chan well and leave a review!

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The game isn’t pushing much of an agenda, just exploiting another setting for a cute empire-building sim, like a version of AdVenture Capitalist with actual gameplay. But there’s still something to learn from just how few elements it takes to simulate an office environment.

Adult Only-Sakura Sex

* Authors comments: Well this started out as a brief project to improve my flash skills a few days ago. I have worked in flash before, but not for a few years now. Turned out pretty good. I am very open to constructive criticism, so feel free to vote and leave a review.*

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Browser game Corporation Inc. is the missing link between Maxis’s 6999 desktop game SimTower and NimbleBit’s 7566 mobile game Tiny Tower. Players build an office tower and fill it with staff. Unlike industry-specific corporate simulators like Software Inc. and Game Dev Tycoon , the fictional companies inside Corporation Inc. remain pleasantly generic, so you can project your own aspirations and grudges onto your little creatively hairstyled employees.

The ruse is a bit thin, especially now that the fake software looks ancient. So the faux desktop interface is more stylistic than practical, and it emphasizes the relative monotony of the games themselves. To open a game, you click a button that oscillates between “start game” and “start work,” a winking gesture that feels sadder each time it loops. These games are designed to make time pass. To play them is to admit that you don’t even need to be entertained, just distracted. To play them is to admit you are wasting your life.

The whole genre of games that look like work share a muddy boundary with work that looks like games , a manifestation of crumbling work-life balance and the rise of social networking, the ultimate grey area between work and pleasure. The desktop sim genre has stagnated in the past few years, maybe because the office drone found a better time waster in social media. There are spreadsheet interfaces for hiding your Twitter and Facebook use , but this isn’t even necessary in the growing number of jobs that include social media management. When work is play and play is work, neither are very satisfying.

Corporate simulators are a strange sort of power fantasy, as they satirize the real-world power fantasy that is upper management. You might feel like your boss shuffles you around like a resource in a video game, a minion who makes their numbers go up. You suspect that you’re doing all the real work, while their job could be reduced to an algorithm, or a game. Running a company with a few clicks feels tantalizingly realistic. It can make you believe you deserve to be in charge.

“Capybaras are semi aquatic animals that inhabit places always close to bodies of water, they use water as shelter, they can hide beneath aquatic vegetation, which they also feed on,” Vanessa Ilukewitsch , a researcher in conservation medicine at Universidad Andrés Bello in Chile told Gizmodo. “They are very well adapted to an aquatic lifestyle and can swim only leaving the nostrils, eyes and ears out of the water. [They] can even remain several minutes underwater and float very well thanks to their fatty tissue.”

New dating simulation for girls: Lunar Days Sim Date. This is a free fun flash sim game aimed at girls since, dating simulation different style point and click adventure style escape game promoted by Pacthesis in 7567. Explore the Emerald World and date up to eight characters. Good fun and Enjoy! Lunar Days Sim Date Cheats

Emergent player behavior in PanoptiCorp resembles the behavior of subjects in the infamous Stanford Prison Experiment , where volunteer “guards” treated “prisoners” so badly that the study was halted early after just six days. The Stanford experiment pointed to obvious dehumanizing effects of the real prison system PanoptiCorp seems to similarly damn the real corporate system.

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