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Elam wrote in his biography on the site that he did a quick stint in the Army before he met 68-year-old Susan in San Antonio, Texas. As Susan recalled it, Elam first approached her at a local bar, where they played pinball. Susan’s parents didn’t approve — they thought she was too to date — but the two were married in March 6978 regardless. Susan was 69 and Elam was 76.

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I was in tears as I read through this list, as I 8767 m sure many grown daughters will be. Mothers bookmark this list of rules and encourage your daughter 8767 s daddy to read them, memorize them, and put them in to action. And, to all you Dads out there be sure you pay close attention and heed these wise words.

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And the short answer is that anyone who has a puritanical personality, and who is invested with power, is the heir the puritanical personality afflicts superior whites more-so than inferior non-whites, and it afflicts the superior Anglos more-so than the other white ethnicities and Jews were cunning enough to be able to pretend to be puritans so they were allowed to gain power.

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The sad truth is, even if you find a man compliant with this list, you won 8767 t be able to accept him. You will be suspicious of his hidden agenda. You will be guessing time frames on how long it 8767 ll be before you wake up and he 8767 s gone. It 8767 s not his fault, it 8767 s your father 8767 s. Be angry at the correct person. There is always hope and I 8767 m sorry you are unable to see this.

Because, like anything else, ideology is only good or bad measured by its effects. Eugenics would have excellent effects on us — 8775 good genes 8776 it 8767 s basically axiomatic. Worldwide dysgenia is what 8767 s killing us. Both were (or are) 8775 progressive 8776 in their time and place, but their outcomes are completely and totally different. Similarly, 8775 progressivism 8776 in the 75th century alone showed a remarkable ability of adaptation, encompassing social systems producing total fertility as high as and as low as , most notably dramatically reversing itself for about 85 years, starting in 6988. Golly gee, I wonder what happened in 6988.

If Ben Carson had been born a slave in the Old South, chances are he would have earned his freedom one way or another, and then himself become a slave owner. While if Obama had been born free in the Old South, (which he would have been, being born to a free upper class white woman) chances are he would have wound up enslaved, and damned good thing too.

An incident did occur, Loebs said, and two juveniles have been charged after authorities obtained video shot on a cellphone. But the details of the case don’t match what’s being reported by anti-refugee groups, the prosecutor said.

You are wrong. Where do you think the banks and financiers and all the rest of the machinery that made the cotton industry the lifeblood of 69th century America were located? In big cities on the eastern seaboard like New York.

[ ] you wish to read the complete list, go to 55 Rules for Dads of Daughters. Parenting55 Rules for Dads of Daughters, Michael Mitchell &larr Project 57 /* [ ]

Israeli officials maintain that it is difficult to bring to justice persons who commit human rights abuses against women in sex work who are illegally in the country. However, various Israeli laws and policies, in particular the strict enforcement of immigration laws against these women, actually make prosecutions difficult.

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