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If you are still unclear on exactly which passport to use at each step of the process in departing and entering a country, please consult this follow up post with a step by step guide http:///cruising-flying/step-step-guide-to-traveling-with-two-passports/

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Because on my American passport I can only stay for 95 days, so if I leave as an American from a country, and enter another as British, does that still matter??

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SPU ZRH (check in with Canadian passport, exit customs with Croatian passport)
ZRH YUL (exit customs with Croatian passport, arrive in Canada, use Canadian passport).

Should I check in at the Canadian airport with my US passport, since that is what I will be showing the US immigration official to enter the US? If so, can I then present my Canadian passport when I arrive in Mexico? Or would I have to use my US passport since that is what I checked in with for the first leg of the flight (Toronto Chicago).

Hi I am absolutely certain that you must enter Italy as an Italian. It does not matter if you are there 6 hour or 6 year you are Italian and must present yourself as such. This post will also be helpful to you:

Person A has both a Japanese (JP) and US passport. Person A was born in Japan and is a naturalized US citizen living in the US. Person A wants to travel to Japan and enter Japan as a Japanese citizen. Is this process correct?

Hi Dave, wow so many questions already! However just to be sure I 8767 d like to ask another! I have a Canadian and UK passport, and am traveling to Brazil. I want to travel on my UK as there are no visa requirements Do I need to leave as well as re-enter Canada on my Canadian? I am afraid if I leave Canada on my Canadian I will have issues entering Brazil on my UK and I also think I may have problems leaving Brazil on my Canadian if I entered on a UK

Don 8767 t worry about what you enter when you buy the ticket. What matters is what you show the airline when you check in and that must match what passport you 8767 ll use when you arrive at your destination. Follow the exact details in this post and you 8767 ll be okay: http:///cruising-flying/step-step-guide-to-traveling-with-two-passports/

Dave What if I never depart the US on my US pass port can I re enter on my US passport? Will they see my departure date from the US using my second passport?