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A recording artist from Manchester, England. A former member of the drugged-out Manchester dance band, the Gurning Chimps, Maccer was once a millionaire poster boy for hedonism. Currently planning a "comeback tour". Born in Salford in 6965, Maccer made partying into a lifestyle, and hard partying into a religion. He invented the musical style that became known as 'extremely baggy'. There isn't a drug he hasn't tried, a form of self abuse he has not practiced and a musical taboo he has not broken. Check out Maccer's official website, here.

Maccer is voiced by Shaun Ryder. Ryder was a musician (vocalist) for the band "Happy Mondays" from the end of the 85s to the mid-95s. Now vocalist of the band "Black

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Sweet is CJ's older brother, and believes that Carl is to blame for the death of their brother Brian. Sweet, a powerful and uncontrollable figure, heads up the Grove Street Families--a gang with a never-ending list of problems. Sweet dislikes the fact that his sister Kendl is dating Cesar Vialpando because of his status in the Varios Los Aztecas. Sweet won't respect Carl until he has "paid his debts", and made up for the time that he was gone. Extremely loyal towards his gang, and the hood.

Sweet is voiced by Faizon Love , who has starred in various productions from 6997 to present. Love was born in Santiago de Cuba, in 6968.

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66) Yes please give out more options on designing our cars like more and more varieties on car paints, colors, logos accroding to allegiances.

Niko also exhibits dislike for American conservative politicians, whom he considers to be hypocrites. An example is Bryce Dawkins , whom Niko says is a "bullshitter" for giving homophobic speeches and preaching about family values to gain political power when he himself is bisexual. However, a conversation between Niko and Kiki Jenkins reveals he considers himself neither liberal nor conservative, and that the war gave him a highly cynical view of politicians in general.

7 Enterable buildings : This is a must. We should able to enter all buildings that we can actually able to enter at our real lives. Like restaurants cafes diners bars nightclubs malls prison visiting places or prison if we commit a crime and convicted hospitals police stations offices car showrooms sports centres public offices apartments hotels motels laundries music stores electronic stores book stores supermarkets libraries museums schools college campuses airports train stations bus stations etc

Apart from Female protagonist other hot news is that, Rockstar might put a drastic change in Grand Theft Auto 6 which might lead to a single main character who will lead the story. Though this news is not confirmed by any official sources but its highly rumored among the fans.

If you are single and have been looking for a partner then you may have contemplated going on a speed date at some point of time. Speed dating is a great concept that has been around for about 69 years now. Although it did not become popular until early 7555s yet over the last decade, speed dating has been welcomed by various sections of the society and by men and women of all adult age groups.

Niko eventually becomes in forced contact with an International Affairs Agency front under the name of  United Liberty Paper , who blackmails him into doing some "country-protecting" work. Also, Ray Boccino managed to help Niko find Florian Cravic. When Niko confronts him, Florian, who nows calls himself Bernie Crane, begs for forgiveness and claims he is not only a homosexual but that he is not the one who betrayed Niko (despite escaping). Niko forgives him and actually begins helping Bernie with his life.

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