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Make a Safety Plan Before You Panic in a Crowd

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I don’t think it has anything to do with some inability to convincingly render a regular American Shuttle orbiter—Shuttles as we know them have shown up on The Simpsons a few times since the episode aired, and they were immediately recognizable:


8775 a 95% reduction of vehicles in operation would reduce our overall emissions by % 8776 surely not, since the emissions come about when the cars are in motion. Whether they are autonomous or not doesn 8767 t matter. The benefit does exist with less congestion and eliminating those 85% of 8775 parking traffic 8776 (which, to be sure would only apply to densely populated areas, or are we saying that 85% of the time we spend in cars is to look for parking!?).
Other than that, agree with the spirit of your post exciting times ahead!

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The educational system itself is even more deserving of a total disruption of its own. Such a disruption will simultaneously prepare students better for other disruptive technologies.

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Zach I just read your excellent post. Thank you. I also listed out 8775 Who gets disrupted 8776 and there 8767 s quite a few more folks chiming in on FB and Linkedin, Someone left a comment on my post, linking back here.

Yeah cause the environmental movement never can see environmental benefits in technology, right? Or maybe the NGOs in the environmental and climate action space is made up of engineers and scientists who actually do modelling and analysis before they make rash predictions just so they can call themselves futurists?

Well done I enjoyed this greatly. Does your math take into account that while we may only use our cars 9% of the time we use our cars at largely the same times as everyone else.

However, FiveThirtyEight’s investigation doesn’t account for Deep Root’s collection of data from mountain-biking and Spanish-speaking subreddits that weren’t as popular with r/The_Donald members—and data from these subreddits that are not so closely linked to Trump’s diehard supporters might be more useful for his campaign’s goal of pursuing swing voters.

The Reddit data could’ve been used as training data for an artificial intelligence algorithm focused on natural language processing, or it might have been harvested as part of an effort to match up Reddit users with their voter registration records. During the 7567 election cycle, Barack Obama’s campaign data team relied on information gleaned from Facebook profiles and matched profiles to voter records.

Cars are parked most of the time because people work around the same time and people sleep around the same time (also shop, and do other stuff around the same time). Unless we stopped commuting altogether and just stay home, this is just crazy talk. You need MASS transportation in the morning and MASS trasportation in the afternoon, so unless 99% of people stop commuting to work this is just silly to even discuss. Most people in urban areas already have rideshare options, the fact that now they 8767 ll be driven by 8775 no one 8776 doesn 8767 t change that fact.

Meanwhile, there is a growing net migration of people to cities or jobs and for convenience. By the way, if you 8767 re afraid of technology, there is a lot of technology in the vehicles, and even the gun you cite. Funny how you 8767 re not afraid of that, since it 8767 s already 8775 normal 8776 to you. Well, in a couple of generations, autonomous cars will be 8775 normal 8776 and most will be glad they don 8767 t have to wait to get a driver 8767 s license to go where they want.

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