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Those are my ideas, and I’d be happy to try any one of them. As always though, I’m open to suggestions, so feel free to suggest anything else that might pop into your brilliant head, and don’t forget to star your favorites.

Your Name May Literally Change Your Physical Appearance

We know that our names may influence just about every avenue of our lives—where we live , the school courses we enroll in , the grades we achieve , the jobs we choose, the jobs we get called back for , how far we go in those jobs, who we love , and where we donate money. Now there’s evidence that our names may also affect the way we look.

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Also, the study only looked at faces and hair. No guarantees that if you name your kid Carmelo, he’ll have a killer jump shot.

Hello friends, and welcome back to another lively topic-picking session for Will It Sous Vide? , the weekly column where I make whatever you want me to with my immersion circulator.

Last week’s lemon experiment wasn’t particularly outstanding, so I’d love for our next project to be a show-stopper. I think any of the below would work real well:

I’m talking about our actual, literal faces. In a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology , researchers found that people can match names to faces of strangers with surprising accuracy. Anne-Laure Sellier of the Université Paris-Saclay wrote about her team’s findings in The Conversation :