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Also, one final question everywhere i look on the web the fines are always of different amounts €95, €675, €657 and €655 you would think the fine would be the same.

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I 8767 m surprised to hear that you cannot make a direct credit card payment for other areas of Italy this is possible. And I know that wiring money is horribly expensive.

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Steve, I 8767 m with you 655%. I signed up back in January when I was feeling particularly lonely due to the recent marriage of two of my newly acquired friends in my new area TO EACH OTHER That was a different one, but hey, what can you do? Anyway, through March, I 8767 d had a total of 8 girls respond out of a potential pool of 588. I closed or archived 797 for various reasons, while the rest I attempted to communicate with. I haven 8767 t been on a single date. Now, they don 8767 t even send me knew matches. I tried increasing my radius to the max, but they still don 8767 t send the matches. I 8767 ve decided to start spending every waking moment at bookstores. Maybe that 8767 s a good place to meet girls. Maybe it 8767 s cliche, but it 8767 s worth a shot.

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Lol! And I thought there was something seriously wrong with me! What a relief to see that others had similar experience with eHarmony!

Many thanks for having taken the time to provide this information. I 8767 ll build it into the post above others should find the information very useful. If nothing else, they will be able to see whether they have been asked to pay their fines into the same bank account.

Hi Sarah,
I agree that guys are looking for supermodels. On other dating sites they ask you your body type and no kidding 98% want slim or fit and trim. I 8767 m sorry to say I 8767 m a middle aged woman with just a few extra pounds. The guys on these websites are superficial and narcissistic. What does body type have to do with personality. This whole thing is discouraging and I 8767 ve resigned myself to the fact that I 8767 ll be alone the rest of my life and that sux.

Additionally, under the provisions of the  Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act (USFSPA) , state courts  *may*  treat military retired pay as joint property between the member and the spouse during divorce proceedings.

I 8767 m not saying online dating can 8767 t work or doesn 8767 t for some people, especially for women and men who have great looks or wealth, but that Steve 8767 s experience may be an unexamined and all to common experience swept under the rug by sites like Eharmony, who look for self confirming evidence. Atecdotally, my experience was similiar to steve as a average looking male in atheltic shape with no crimiinal record, a stable job, and a graduate degree and no major persoanlity disorders beyond individual quarks. There is also moderate evidence that online dating favors women vastly over men (suprise?). The premise of online dating may have potential and give some people success, but I suspect as it is currently executed, fails most people and just reaps profit.

Presumably after getting into the Pisa system, there was know indication of online payment methods. I have not got into the system, so I really do not know what people see. Perhaps if someone could send me some screen shots, I could extend this and make the post more useful. Just an idea.

Declaring my major next week is why I ask, if you have the time to respond it 8767 d be appreciated so much! Joe W. Shapiro

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