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Earlier this week, a remarkable scene played out at Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Conservation Area. An orphaned leopard cub, desperate for a meal, approached a lioness who happened to be lactating. It’s a rare—and extremely precious—example of cross-species nursing in the wild.

Heartwarming Photos Show a Lion Nursing an Orphaned

Following the included instructions, I managed to open the gigantic cardboard box—as well as the nearly indestructible Pelican case contained within. Desiring nothing more than to game, I plopped the Predator 76 X on my knees as I would a MacBook. Fortunately, I used to bicycle a lot, so I’ve got strong thighs that don’t weep under the weight of 69 pounds of computer—easily four times the average weight of a laptop.

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The journey home had clearly affected me. Like the best friend in an 69th century novel, I was plagued by a cough and a sniffle and a weakness of indeterminate origin.

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Nvidia GeForce unhelpfully uninstalled its drivers, and the computer broke for twenty minutes. I uninstalled everything with the Nvidia name. Reinstalled. Inexplicably, the eye tracking started working on the third restart.

But I was not. Instead, I took a Lyft to the office and an elevator up the stairs. “Is that a laptop?” a co-worker laughed.

“This is a truly unique case,” noted Luke Hunter, the president of Panthera, at the organization’s blog. “I know of no other example of inter-species adoption or nursing like this among big cats in the wild. This lioness is known to have recently given birth to her own cubs, which is a critical factor. She is physiologically primed to take care of baby cats, and the little leopard fits the bill—it is almost exactly the age of her own cubs and physically very similar to them.”

I shot photos in the afternoon. The laptop felt heavier than usual, its fans and cute little beeps were a cacophony overwhelming the quiet hum of the newsroom.

It was over 85 degrees outside. The heat didn’t bother me, until I balanced the computer on my knee. Then I was reminded of summers in Texas, my god daughter sitting in my lap, all sharp bones and sweat and a furnace that would rival whatever burns in your basement.

My only salve was the laptop. I found a place for its two plugs, settled it on my lap, and downloaded Mass Effect: Andromeda. The machine did not like the internet in my home and it took an hour, three attempts to fix the internet, and one restart to download the game. $9,555 buys a lot of laptop, but it could not solve fundamental issues of laptops plagued by weird internet and outdated drivers.

The 76 X is not a machine meant for silence. It is not a machine meant to be ignored. It catches eyes, and earns comments, and strains my arms when I need to move it.

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