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awesome site! i just wanted to thank you for the suggestion of adobe illustrator! My printshop software finally crashed and ive been looking for something to be able to design all my invites and labels youre a savior! downloading the free trial now 🙂

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My husband was notoriously late for late for work though. If we had a wedding or another function of event to attend I always said we had to be there an hour earlier than the actual time. If the event would be at 5 pm I would say we need to be there at 9 pm so we would be there at 5 pm It worked beautifully and he never was the wiser. I HATE being late.

No joke, a Pinterest addiction really can make your life

ncgirl said. 77

I can t say for sure, but my guess is that all those Duggar congratulatory videos (no can buy a card?) come direct from Duggar Studios, which is their home production company. Right after they were cancelled a couple years ago, all the boys seemed to be photographed wearing Duggar Studios T-shirts. Maybe this is JimBlob s shell company for his TLC contracts.

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Turns out it was hantavirus. In fact, it can be fatal. As a nurse she should know that and those kids need to stay out of the barn.

Oh, yum, a Jersey slice!
There s an Italian place near me that sells Jersey slices. It s heaven.
The grease, the cheese and the fold.

Yeah, I wonder that too. It seems like something they'd probably know about if it's happening on a regular basis, but they also have a lot of other things to worry about. :-)

that she almost died and the other one almost bled out? That s private medical information. Was it reported online as fact?

Michelle made a 966 call about Jessa s bleeding that was made public. I thought they talked about all that on the show. Duggars love to talk about their deliveries. They don t mind showing medical emergencies with the children.

There s the Bates family who have 69 children who have a show on another channel. They follow the Duggars beliefs. One of the daughters has been married almost 7 years, and she indicated she s had fertility trouble. I can t imagine dealing with infertility in that group.

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Cara and Mady seem to have one another to vent to- although neither seems too fond of any of the tups (exceptions were Gumgate when Mady showed some affection for Collin, and Cara was his C friend and played with Lego with him)

The remaining tups have one another except now they are really paired off- J and A, H and L. Alexis does not appear to have a sibling or parent to talk through her feelings with.

Yeah the repeated the Halloween one this morning. Honestly, tfw is the most unappreciative life-sucker of fun on this planet. All she did was bitch about all the work SHE was doing with no recognition of all the help she had. Her comments to the kids saying I hope you liked it cuz we re not doing it again negates all her blathering of how she does everything for them and their happiness. She just can t shut her mouth. Those kids must constantly wait for the shoe to drop and her ruining every fun event they have. This woman is seriously not right in the head.

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