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If pussy is my fountain of youth, it is clear what my new mission in life must be. It was under my nose all along, something I must have known was the answer but could not admit to myself. Here is what I wrote almost a year ago:

American Women Simply Can’t Compete – Return Of Kings

5. A dating consultant said of Ukrainian women: 8775 If she 8767 s beautiful, why should she be poor? 8776 Damn straight. Along the same vein, if a man has money, why shouldn 8767 t he have a beautiful woman?

Roosh V

I want to be in a place where if I step outside and take a deep breath, pussy will come. I want to walk in a huge club and be the most desirable man who women compete over. I want zero-effort pussy of the most beautiful girls I 8767 ve ever had in my life. Maybe you 8767 re laughing right now that I 8767 m dreaming, that this place doesn 8767 t exist, but I believe it does, and sometimes belief is all it takes.

4Reasons Modern Beta Males Will Become Extinct – Return

Before a man searches for pussy paradise, he must understand its transient nature. Nothing stays paradise forever. They 8767 re like once in a millenia tsunamis that occur after a convergence of unlikely factors, never to be seen again in a location for many generations. In two recent countries I visited, Estonia and Latvia , I saw the scattered ruins of the paradise that existed before me. Stories from those who remembered its peak suggested great riches and glory to all those men who visited, but I was too little too late (actually five years too late). With the rapid societal changes that globalization brings, I estimate a 6-8 year window until emergent pussy paradises fade, with the only thing left for late arrivals is the smell of faint pussy juice in the air.

I don 8767 t know where I 8767 ll be in life when I 8767 m past 55, but I 8767 m pleased that one option can be going to Ukraine and marrying a woman half my age who will serve me as long as I can provide for her. I can live with that.

When you stay on the road you start to develop a sixth sense for where pussy paradise may be. You look at a city name that you 8767 ve never seen and have a feeling that this could be it. Then you dedicate a lot of time and resources to investigate further, only to be likely disappointed. In my hand I hold yet another losing lottery ticket, but the jackpot continues to grow and I still believe in my numbers. I will find pussy paradise, no matter how long it takes me.

It appears that the extinction of betas will occur faster than expected, as external factors added to their refusal to deal with their environment and adapt, will accelerate their destruction.

A parallel would be made with alphas adapting to the new rules imposed to them and acting in a way that seems counter-intuitive: working out for aesthetic reasons, being assholes to girls, recruiting them for their orifices on Instagram or Tinder, disgusting themselves in the process by encountering even more broken women, being selfish and seeing yourself as the absolute priority

The likes of MGTOW are an evolutionary dead end. Their kin still dies with them, even if they understand elements of the nature of women, but deny their mission of reproduction.

I 8767 ve meditated about this problem a lot for the past couple months. My thoughts kept going back to the pussy I had in Poland, where my penis reached the then pinnacle of its existence. I don 8767 t need any more notches, that 8767 s for sure, but I can 8767 t think of anything else that keeps my mind sharper and my masculinity stronger than chasing pink. The day-to-day adventures of pussy chasing keeps me vigorous, and fully engaged in life. Being a slave to the pussy has made me a warrior. I 8767 m miles ahead of the sexual pack when compared to my male peers of the world, whose approach to getting laid is based more on luck and hope than concerted effort and strategy.