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Dr. Phil’s Advice for a Woman in a Custody Battle with Her

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If I had known this I may have waited but he didn 8767 t text or respond to my call which is just plain bad manners surely? I really liked him but could not tolerate that level of disrespect it upset me so much. Miss him like a crazy woman now.

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I 8767 ve heard that sending a rejection is basically going out of your way to hurt the guy, whereas not replying is just passive non-interest.

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Ooh! Is this the right thread to brag about the job application I received that included shirtless selfies and a mention 8775 no children 8776 ?

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But to play devil 8767 s advocate, you constantly hearing stories in job hunting and dating where being overly persistent ultimately pays off. 8775 She told me to get lost but I kept asking her out for months, she eventually said yes and now we 8767 re married with kids 8776 . The perception between being persistent and stalking could depend on the people/companies involved, even if the behavior is identical.

To me, this is probably the most important statement in the article: 8775 It’s easier to look at his behavior if you can see it through a lens of compassion, and not from a place of frustration or fear. 8776

He 8767 s 95, straight, Christian, doesn 8767 t smoke or drink. (How did that happen?)
He was hoping to eventually marry and have a family, but I think he 8767 s aged out of anything but meeting someone who already has a family. Must love cats.
I don 8767 t think he 8767 s ever met a person he doesn 8767 t consider a friend, it just doesn 8767 t get past that.

That spark and love is still there but only if he opens up. Most of the time he keeps himself at distance and won 8767 t go there. I know he knows it 8767 s there and he 8767 s purposely closing it off. Very seldom has there been moments where he opens the door slightly, but it 8767 s happened and the feelings flood back, but then it shuts soon after.

Sometimes they 8767 re not even single but want the ego boost of having a woman show interest in them. So gross and rude!

I really would appreciate your response beacause you 8767 re not addressing the whole story and I think people are looking for that answer.

During the 8775 pull back 8776 stage, I used to freak out and drive the guy away. Now, I use the time to really focus on myself and do what it is that makes me feel great. And I 8767 ve found that staying cool, happy and having a full life makes me more intriguing as a woman. When I acted needy, desperate, insecure, spending my time over analyzing and waiting around for a guy, it made for a crappy life. And think about it, how many times have you wanted to spend your free time with someone who you are just starting out with who is living a crappy life?