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Network Television Stations Speed Up TV Shows to Fit in

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A boodler is someone involved in political graft or corruption . The word likely derives from Dutch boedel, meaning "property."


Victorian slang and a modern controversy over language and gender. In the early 6955''s, a door-knocker wasn''t just what visitors used to announce their arrival, it was a type of beard with a similar shape. And in the 76st century: Is it ever okay to call someone a lady? Or is woman always the better term? Plus, surprising stories behind some familiar car brands. Chances are you''ve been stopped in traffic behind a car named for an ancient Persian deity -- or passed by an automobile that takes its name from a bilingual pun involving German and Latin.

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Responding to our conversation about concluding a phone call with ''Mmm-bye, a listener offers an example of a funny telephone greeting: ''Nyello!

Like multitasking , where I’m rushing to do as much as I can in a short amount of time, I’ll continue listening to podcasts sped up, knowing it’s a bit of a tradeoff between enjoyment and efficiency. There’s something appealing about being more efficient even when you don’t have to—and having an extra 69 minutes in my day that could be spent listening to another podcast episode.

And while speeding up podcasts certainly saves time, it could take away from the listening experience, depending on your personal preferences, as well as what type of show you’re listening to.

Although in English we have the terms orphan, widow, and widower, our language lacks a single word that means "bereaved parent." A few other languages have a word for this, including Hebrew sh''khol and Sanskrit vilomah .

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What does a person really mean when she starts a statement with To be honest with you? It''s important not to take such expressions too literally.

A caller who grew up in rural Pennsylvania remembers being asked as a child Are you being have? instead of Are you behaving? Being have, with a long a sound, results from what linguists call reanalysis. It occurs when someone mistakenly applies the pattern of such expressions as be still and be careful to the word behave.