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I would like to apologize for my lack of presence on the wiki for the recent weeks, real-life issues have demanded my attention to be focused somewhere else. I expect a full return to my duties as the wiki administrator by the beginning of May.


​The format of every aircraft page is slowly being updated. We hope these additions will help everyone in their task for air supremacy.

Weak Spot Guide: PzKpfw VIB Tiger II - Home - WoT Guru

Why act the douche? This guy makes these guides simply to help people, and you come along giving know-it-all-asshat history lessons. Shame on you.

WoT Guide's Tank Analyzer - World of Tanks Strategy Guide

Not really. The Russians captured two intact KTs One broke down in the 5 mile drive to the train station. The other they used to test with the above results.

You mention the Patriot and Defender, but no the Liberte? In the hands of a reasonably skilled player, the Liberte is better than either of the two you mentioned, and more unbalanced.

8775 German tier 8 heavy tank for the Maus heavy tank line 8776 actually it 8767 s the E-655 Line. Otherwise nice guide as always 😉

At any rate, the Tiger II in-game is usually placed in battles where it could tentatively be called an equal against it 8767 s competition, and often against tanks that could be considered better by sheer merit of either being ridiculous fantasy designs built on desperation, or simply by merit of being designed decades later on the shoulders of giants, if you will.
So while the King Tiger might be considered First amongst equals in it 8767 s competition, and is still nevertheless a fantastic warmachine, there are plenty of nasties crawling about in the game that it has to face that can punch through it 8767 s armor, as great a fortress as it is.

Every tier 6 tank lol pens the cupola of the liberate. Hell, I 8767 ve even seen one time where a kV 7 snapshotted a he shell into the cupola for 955 damage. The reason why the liberte is 8775 balanced 8776 is due it it having an obvious frontal weak spot that is not like the defenders lower plate that is stronger than the tiger 7 8767 s upper plate. Or the patriot that has no frontal weak spots as the lower plate as quite tough

If you play a tier 6 med, you can use your mobility to flank and you won 8767 t even need gold. But in a tier 6 heavy your armor is useless and there is nothing to compensate for it. And with the new 8766 improved 8767 matchmaking of , you are bottom tier in 75% of the games you play with it.

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