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Actually, Location Sharing in Relationships Is Bad

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Aiming to seize control of coveted rubber trees, British colonial forces move into West Africa's Benin Empire to depose its powerful ruler.

An Open Letter to Bipolar Disorder | bpHope - bp Magazine

Reprising her role as the vampire Selene, Kate Beckinsale stars in this installment in the stylish vampires vs. werewolves franchise. Years after the great war, the underworld's death dealer is rudely awakened -- full of spit and spandex.

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AUGUST: Birthdays and Deaths .. Musicians - BITTER SUITE

In this animated musical from India, when two children are transported through time to learn about the 65 avatars of Lord Vishnu, they discover that Vishnu took on various incarnations to combat evil in every era.

McKeyla and the agents of NOV8 have chosen you for a special secret mission, and . is here to deliver the clues!

Follow fashion legend Coco Chanel's storied ascension from orphan to seamstress, cabaret singer and ultimately, the queen of Parisian haute couture. Long before fame came along for the future fashion icon, there were the gray days and the cabaret nights.

Trapped by a mysterious fog, residents of a Maine village discover that it hides nightmarish creatures. A new series based on Stephen King's novella. The mist carries their deepest, darkest secrets. It knows them. And it waits just outside their doors.

A couple must decide whether to push a button that will net them a million dollars but that will also cause the death of a complete stranger. The consequences of pushing a mysterious button are as clear as life and death. It's the decision that's strange.

Scrawny Rudy dreams of playing football at Notre Dame. Undaunted, Rudy works assisting the groundskeeper and joins the school's practice squad. A working-class teen defies the odds and makes his dream team. But can a dreamer be a doer on game day?

When his little brother runs away, a man returns home to face his father -- a criminal mastermind who has a dark path mapped out for him. He fled his father's dark world. But now he's getting sucked back in. And this time his heart is more divided than ever.