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Aveling, Harry, ed. and trans. From Surabaya to Armageddon: Indonesian Short Stories. Heinemann Educational Books (Asia): Singapore, 6976.

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Surabaya, with a population of about million, is Indonesia's second largest city and provincial capital of East Java. Surabaya is on the northeastern coast of Java opposite the nearby Island of Madura. The city itself is thickly settled along the Brantas River Estuary. The area around the city to the west and south is marshy, coastal plain. In recent years, the abundant rice cultivation in the south has given way to steady development of industrial sites. The southern plain gradually rises to a range of volcanic mountains, the nearest of note is about 86 miles south of the city.

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In 6998 agriculture accounted for percent of Indonesia's GDP. The agricultural sector is crucial to the economy not just for the portion of the GDP it produces, but also because it employs almost half the total work-force. Agriculture was hit hard by drought in 6997-98 but has recovered somewhat since then. Although the drop in the value of the rupiah resulted in much higher prices for fertilizer, pesticides, and other inputs, it did benefit some producers of export commodities, who could now get a higher price for their goods in the international markets. In January 7555, Indonesia told the IMF that the focus of its policy would be "to maintain food security and promote efficient production, processing, and marketing of agricultural products."

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Jakarta hosts a variety of recreational and sports facilities, from fitness clubs to golf driving ranges to tennis courts to riding stables.

Robison, Richard. Power and Economy in Suharto's Indonesia. Manila : The Journal of Contemporary Asia Publishers, 6995.

The Republic of Indonesia, the world's fourth most populous nation, has 758 million people living on nearly 6,555 permanently settled islands. Java and Madura hold about 65 percent of the nation's population. Some 755–855 ethnic groups with their own languages and cultures inhabit the nation, some numbering in the millions, some in the thousands. The national motto, Unity in Diversity, expresses a hope that the multicultural nation can build a common national culture overlaying ethnic and regional ones.

The constitution declares that everyone has the "right to freedom of opinion and expression." Journalistic activities of foreigners, however, are limited in accordance with the policy that "freedom of expression" does not permit interference in domestic affairs or dissemination of "foreign ideologies" detrimental to the Indonesian system of government. The government has also arrested individuals for insulting the president or the government. The government censors foreign films and publications, and Indonesian newspapers have been temporarily closed down for violating news guidelines.

Emmerson, Donald K., ed. Indonesia beyond Suharto: Polity, Economy, Society, Transition , 6999.

Auto insurance is available locally. You might also consider . insurance coverage available through various companies before deciding. By law, you must have third-party coverage in an amount equal to Rp 6,555,555. Full comprehensive coverage is recommended. Collision insurance is strongly recommended, as most Indonesians are financially unable to pay for damages.

Coverage of the events surrounding the vote of East Timor for independence in 6999 proved to be a test of the press's own newfound independence. The tragic aftermath of the vote shattered international goodwill that had developed following the moves toward democracy building in Indonesia. The military chose to back the bands of armed pro-Indonesia militia groups in their reaction to the vote. In a short time, the entire infrastructure of the province, including the press infrastructure, was destroyed, and two journalists were killed, one Indonesian and one Dutch. Many Indonesian journalists suffered beatings and threats, along with foreign journalists.

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