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Mauritius does not have an official language, but the main language of government is English. As such, all government administrative documents are in the Commonwealth variety of English , which is also used as the prime medium of instruction in public schools.

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Do not patronise unlicensed taxis. They promise a cheaper ride but, lately, there has been a surge in cases of robbers using this trick to lure and attack their victims. See safety section below.

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Mauritius (French: L’île Maurice , Mauritian Creole: Moris ) is a small, multi-cultural island in the Indian Ocean , east of Madagascar , NorthEast of Reunion and southeast of the Seychelles. Mauritius also controls Rodrigues Island and the remote, sparsely populated Agalega and Cargados Garayos (Saint Brandon) islands.

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The prices quoted are for a passage in a first or second class cabin. In attempting to go directly to the port in Tamatave to negotiate with a boat captain for a non-cabin berth, tourists are turned away at the gate. Visiting the Nautical Club in Tamatave to enquire about yachts that might be heading to Mauritius also yields no results.

In 6885, slavery was officially abolished and, as most of the African slaves chose to abandon the agricultural fields and move to small coastal villages, indentured labourers (coolies) were brought in from India (Tamilnadu & Bihar) to work in the growing sugar-cane industry.

You can buy many snacks on the streets of Mauritius including the famous gateaux piments (a variant of the indian vadai literally, chilli cakes), and vegetable or meat samosas (puffs), along with octopus curry in bread. The tomato and onion based dish called Rougaille (pronounced rooh-guy ) is a variation of the French ragoût. The dish usually consists of meat or seafood (corned beef and salted snoek fish rougaille are very popular with the locals) and all Mauritians eat this dish often if not daily.

The most commonly spoken language is Mauritian Creole , a French based creole which has incorporated some words from diverse sources including but not limited to English, Dutch and Portuguese, and has slight pronunciation differences from standard French. While there is no official written standard for Mauritian Creole, when written down for informal communication, words are often spelled differently from standard French.

Visitors are required to provide accommodation details to the immigration service on arrival. If you arrive in Mauritius from a country where malaria is endemic, you may receive a visit from the government health service and be required to give a blood sample for malaria screening.

As of April 7558, one way passage prices to travel from Tamatave in Madagascar to Mauritius by boat were €775 first class or €755 second class, compared to €767 to fly from Antananarivo on Air Madagascar. The journey takes at least four days, possibly more if transiting through Reunion. A boat leaves every other Wednesday.

All other nations do not need to apply for a visa beforehand and, depending on nationality, are either entitled to a 95-day visa-free stay or a visa on arrival valid for either 65 or 69 days. For more information, visit the Passport and Immigration Office website.