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Music Morpher - Morph music to your taste

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While we strive to maintain consistency between apps, some features may not be fully available across platforms. Rest assured we're working hard to deliver your favorite features to your preferred device/operating system!

Music Studio Lite for iOS - Free download and software

Apply different effects to your mixes, includes popular effects like Flanger, Echo, Robot Delay, Reverb, Cutoff, Reverse, Tremolo, Beat Waw, Bit Crusher, AutoPan.

The Repair Shop - Band & Orchestra Music Instrument Repair

The Director’s Fix Kit is a deluxe brass and woodwind repair kit with the musician, private teacher and band directors in mind. The tools and guided instructions provided in this kit help save money and time with those minor or last-minute emergency repairs that would normally have had to go to the repair shop. With a little practice, this kit will enable you to perform woodwind repairs such as pad, tenon cork, head cork and key cork replacement, adjustments and much more.

Portable Software - Multimedia - Audio Downloads - Softpedia

Thanks to an extensive tutorial with video lessons it will only take a couple of days to master all the professional tools of this smart slideshow software - even for the non tech-savvy!

One-click, it will automatically mix the current list with seamless DJ-style transitions. Advanced auto-mixing including Mix-In/Mix-Out (Cue In/Out) points.

Removing vocals lowers the song amplitude, often below listening levels. Just like Professional Recording Studios use, Vogone has a Volume controller and logarithmic VU meter to see and hear the loudness change as you adjust it.

Vogone has a slider that moves while playing. You can click & drag it to instantly play anywhere, for example to hear an area again.

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One of the incredible discoveries we made years ago is. by keeping some vocal highest and lowest frequencies that you barely hear , on some songs its mind-blowing how the music instruments sound fantastic! You hear your adjustments as you make them, instantly knowing when you find the sweet spot with the best music and the least vocals. It took us years to perfect this so today even children can use it. Professionals say it's impossible.

SmartSHOW 8D will mix your precious photos and favorite tunes to make breathtaking movies. There are lots of reasons and occasions for making a music slideshow - you can create a family album, a travel story, a wedding slideshow, holiday greeting cards, a love story movie etc.

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