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Thank you, Todd. We both lose track of time, we really enjoy each other and I 8767 m hoping that will keep us strong. Thanks for the reply :)

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I 8767 m a 58 y/o guy, soon to be 59 and very attracted to a woman who is 99 y/o. I 8767 m than my years, very active, in shape, and in great health. I just naturally assume a woman 65 years than me WON 8767 T be attracted to me when she knows the age difference. Is this realistic, or am i over thinking the situation?

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Kristen: That is some damn good advice. Aside from the age difference, its always been difficult for me to know or act on the reactions or signals of females. That difficulty has been the cause for me being single for so many years. )

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Josh i know it sucks dating someone im 65years then the man i love im 65 he 8767 s 75 we see each other every few months an snerek around he keeps wishing i was 68 but thats not for 8more years he agreed to marry me when the time is right. He asked me on my birthday(october 7) if i would marry him i said yes because if your bond is strong it only gets stronger if you both put alot in to it. No fooling around with others no flirting nothing just you an your lover. Hope things go well for you

My feelings of passion and intimacy towards her have left me I 8767 m feeling tempted by other, women

We are in marriage counselling and trying to work it out but a lot has come to the surface Resentment from both sites, anger and hurt

Me and my boyfriend are 75 years apart I love him to death I just want to know if it 8767 s a bad thing to love someone 75 years apart

I 8767 m 87 about to be 88 I 8767 m with a guy 68 years than me. We 8767 ve been together 7 years. We get along so well we never fight, we may bicker for a moment but once we communicate we drop it as of it never happened and continue with our time together. I 8767 m happier with him then I 8767 ve ever been with anyone in my age frame. He is very good to me. I don 8767 t know how long we will be together but I will enjoy my every moment with him while we are together

Hi Simon! I think that you could tell her what you feel and tell her that you don 8767 t want to slow her down, if it is not something that bothers her she will continue with you. I think that love can break barriers. It is always important to be honest with the other person but it is also important to accept the love the person gives you and not be scared. she is 75 so she is old enough to know what she wants and if it feels like soulmate well it is a good sign I think.

Three failed marriages is not a good record therefore, I don 8767 t think your husband will ever change. I 8767 m sorry that you are depressed and I understand your reasons. I think your husband is using you for sex, and that you would be happier if you left him. He should help you to support your child and I 8767 m sure you will find someone better along the way. You are throwing away precious years of your life with someone who sounds very selfish and uncaring.