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While Ash was getting dressed to head back to the lobby, Nurse Joy called his room. His pokemon were ready and restored. He swung by the front desk to pick up his pokeballs, before heading down to the cafeteria to get a bite to eat.

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"And we do it Super Secret stun sauce." James said, carrying a barrel of the stun sauce to the side of the boat and prepared to dump it on the school of approaching Tentacool.

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The distressed boy desperately pointed south. "That way as fast as you can go without killing us! Look for a pokemon center, it should be close!"

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"She''s saying that the Tentacool are angry because their homes are being destroyed and that they''re attacking any boat that comes near their area." Pikachu told Ash.

"You''re welcome Ash," replied Bill, as he faced forward. "Now let''s cut the chatter and enjoy the rest of our present excursion."

Ash yawned and petted Pikachu and Charmander, who were asleep in his lap. He was completely bored. The only interesting thing that had happened after the contest began again was when Janie''s Machoke took the stage. The Machoke had done a trick where he balanced on an exercise ball while juggling and it had gone completely wrong. The Machoke had done fine until Janie''s Abra had tossed him the last ball, but as he tried to catch it, he had gotten off balance and fallen flat on his face, the balls he was juggling landing on his head while the exercise ball bounced into the audience. Janie''s Machoke hadn''t been phased or embarassed by the mishap though, and simply got up and gave the audience an exaggerated bow that had everyone laughing.

Bill proceeded to lead the way, as Ash, Growlithe, Charmander, and Clefairy followed him out of the lounge and through a narrow passageway. The corridor was well lit, and just like the other hallways, there were various stone statues and framed photographs. This time Ash was able to clearly make out the images. He came to the realization that some of them were paintings. Ash''s favorite happened to be a beautiful depiction of Kanto''s three elemental birds of legend. They stood stoically as a trio, dwelling within the fury of their own individual elements.

The fire-canine ceased his project of chewing through a dense stone, before obediently scampering over to his trainer''s side.

Before Ash could get a wanted response, the call box promptly shut off. He waited anxiously, while the engraved doors slowly creaked open. Ash was excited, judging by the lighthouse door the owner was most likely some kind of pokemon enthusiast.

Bill shrugged. "People still refuse to believe. The human race is…skeptical to say the least. I even know a few trainers that have managed to catch some of the lesser legendaries. It still doesn''t put a stop to conspiracy theorists."

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